How to contact us

How to contact us
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 08:48

You can contact us in several ways.

1. By phone: 727-726=3592 Mon-Fri from 9am-4pm EST

2. By email:

3. By posting questions in the forum.


How to Advertise

How to Advertise
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 10:00

Advertising is available now to the All New

Our ad rates are not published to the public yet, but can be obtained by contacting us direct.

We are offering many packages for advertising: Web, print and combination packages.
Many banner postions sizes and options are available and will be published in the next few week.

Our new automated web banner and web ad tracking system makes purchasing and maintaining
your banners and campaigns within our site very easy.

Contact us direct for advertising opportunities




How to claim a profile / double profiles

How to claim a profile / double profiles
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 09:55

How to Claim a profile.

Are you seeing two profiles for yourself?

Don't panic, this is a simple error, We preloaded many of the users from our ED Publications and StorErotica database, and at the same time many of the same users choose to sign up manually for the Beta Release. So that listed them in the database twice.

You should keep your Beta Release account as it has more feature enabled.

To fix this, simply login and reply in the Bug Tracker Forums (this thread) with your club name, entertainer name, or business name and we will merge the accounts.

No other action is required from you.


Did you come to the site to register only to find out that an account already exists?

This too is caused by the pre-loading many of the users from our ED Publications database, and there are a few ways to gain control of your profile.

1. The manual method:
contact us direct by phone 727-726-3592 (mon-fri 9am-4pm EST)

2. The automatic method:
Use the lost Username function to retrieve your username and then use the lost password function to set a password for that username.

DIRECT LINK: click to retrieve a lost username or password will have to have access to the email that is listed on the account which would be the same email that we have on file for your company.

If that fails just call us and we will fix it immediately!


HowTo report a bug or an error

HowTo report a bug or an error
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 09:04

If you encounter a bug or an error, you may post the details of the problem in our Bug Tracker Forums.

Our techs monitor these forums almost 24 hours a day and it is the fastest way to get your issue resolved.

Go to the forums now CLICK HERE


Whats wrong with my image?

Whats wrong with my image?
Thursday, 20 January 2011 08:53

 I would like to try to clear up some issues many of you have about the images used on your profiles.

First off - We dont edit or censor any images! We are not a bunch of prudes like Facebook.
Post whatever you like as long as you are legally allowed to do so. You wont here a peep out of us.

Many of you have noticed that after uploading a profile image or an event flyer, that the image isnt sized properly or the image uploading fails with no error given.
This can happen for a few reasons. Below are some steps you can take to make sure this doesnt happen to you.

1. Make sure your image is a "web" format image. This means your image must meet some of the criteria below.
   - Your image must be 72 dpi or as some say "low-res". Images that are higher than 72 dpi are automatically rejected as they are typically intended for printing which requires a larger image size and pixel density.
   - RGB format, I know this is confusing, but there are two types of images, RGB and CMYK, RGB's are used for anything that is digitaly displayed, and CMYKs are reserved for print qaulity images. Due to the nature of our software, the internal uploader does not convert your image automatically from RGB to CMYK. If you upload a CMYK image it will probably fail.
  - Acceptable formats are: Jpeg, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG
  - Unacceptable formats are:  RAW, TIFF, EPS, PSD
  - Make sure your image isnt larger than the specified size for the area you are uploading too, In most cases this info is defined on the page that you are trying to upload an image to.
      * Profile images work best when they are no wider than 275 pixles
      * Event images work best at no wider than 400 pixels
      * Image gallery images can handle much much larger images. (but not print qaulity images)

2. Files Sizes - In addition to the pixel dimensions and formats above there is another factor that could affect your images, and thats actual file size, or the amount of Kb or Mb your image consumes. We have very high limits on file size uploading, but a few of you have tried uploading some HUGE images! In rare occaisions you may have images that are 72dpi, but are super huge in in file size. By properly reszing your images down to a "web" size you can reduce the actual space it consumes. Some good sizes for this website and for any website are  (600x800, 700x900, 900x1200) But these are just examples, your images can be smaller or slightly larger and still look good and upload faster.

Q: Why is this confusing for so many people?
A: It's our industry, We work in an industry that trades photo files back and forth between clubs, agents, entertainers and fans. And most of the time the photographers or graphic designers give the entertainers and clubs HIGH RES -PRINT READY images to be used for printed promo...and simply many folks just lack the knowledge to properly resize them for the web use.

Q: How can I resize my pics? I dont know squat about images.
A: Using a decent quality photo editing program is the preferred method (such as Photoshop) But these can be expensive. However Windows & Mac operating systems do have image editing functionality built right in.
     Windows or Mac that requires NO extra software. (Windows uses Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Photo Gallery. Mac uses iPhoto or iLife)
      - for Windows tips CLICK HERE
      - for Mac tips CLICK HERE

From time to time we experience errors in our scripts and code that screws up the profiles, Our system is desgined to be run autonomously with very little human interaction on the backend due to the high amount of traffic and user profiles, its just impossible for us to manually monitor the website completely on our own. Thats why this "Ai" system is in place , and for the most part Skynet does it's job well, but other times it doesnt want to play well with your web browser.  So even though you may have followed the above criteria perfectly...the system may just be experieincing a problem.
 If this happens to you, kindly post your error in our Bug Report forums and we will address it ASAP!

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